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About Me

My name is Filipina and yes, I am Filipino-American. I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in art many years ago. After putting art on the back burner for so long, I'm grateful that I now have the time and space in my life to return to painting.

I usually start paintings with an initial spark of interest in something - a color, a shape, the light. From there I explore the idea further with my photos and sketches. After transferring my drawing to the painting surface, I experiment with various approaches to create a painting using color and textures to evoke feelings similar to ones I felt as I painted.

Owning original paintings may seem out-of-touch in today's digital world. But for me, painting is what helps me make sense of my experiences. It reminds me to be present and appreciate the beauty of the fleeting moments that fly by. Please sign up for my newsletter to get notified about new paintings in the future.

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