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About Me

My name is Filipina and yes, I am Filipino-American. I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in art many years ago. After putting art on the back burner for so long, I'm grateful that I now have the time and space in my life to return to painting.

Making art takes time and patience. I'm not a slow painter but I've learned that my painting process is very similar to my writing process: I need to go through many drafts of the same idea before I feel confident and happy with the work I make. I share short clips of my process on Instagram and I write stories about my art-making practice here on my blog. All the posts are original to me and I share my honest opinions about learning how to paint.

Being an artist wasn't something that was strongly encouraged when I was growing up with my Filipino immigrant family, so writing this blog is a way for me to: 1 ) encourage other aspiring artists to explore their creativity, 2) connect with others who love making and sharing their unique views of the world in paint and 3) explore ways to combine my love of writing and painting in my work.


If you are interested in purchasing one of my works, please contact me at or DM me on my Instagram @filipinapate. You can also sign up for my newsletter to get notified about new blog posts, new work and upcoming shows.

Curriculum Vitae 


2023 Artesis Galeria, Tavira Thro' Visitors Eyes, Tavira Portugal

2022 Prism Workspaces, Open Studios Night, , Denver, Colorado

2021 Prism Workspaces, Open Studios Night,  Denver Colorado

Other Work Experiences

2006 - 2014 Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Zen Planner, an online billing service for gyms and martial arts studios. My husband and I started the business in our living room and grew it to 3,000 customers and employed 40 people before selling the majority of our shares to Mainsail Partners, a San Francisco based private equity firm.


1996 B.A., Studio Art

St. Mary's College of Maryland

St. Mary's City, Maryland

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