About the Artist

Contemporary artist Filipina Pate is building her portfolio of portrait painting and figurative works. She freely shares her experiments and artistic journey on her blog at www.filipinapate.com.


Originally from Maryland and raised by first generation Filipino immigrants, Filipina is exploring how children of new immigrants straddle being a member of two, often conflicting, cultures. How do we create our sense of identity? What is is maintained and what is lost as children code switch from being Filipino and being American as they grow older? 


Her artistic process combines images from memories, vintage photos, mass media, and mixed media into layered pieces, exploring relationships amongst an ever-evolving surface. Moments of clarity rise and fall as she searches for meaning in the materials through color, gesture, and form.


Through her work, Filipina continues to question our faith in our unreliable memories and challenge long-held assumptions of who defines what is true and important.


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