About the Artist

My parents immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in the 1970s, and raised our family in the suburbs of Washington D.C.


Like so many other immigrants who came before them, my parents came to the U.S. to make their fortunes but still maintain their conservative Filipino values and lifestyle as closely as possible. This meant regularly going to Catholic mass on Sundays, being part of our large extended family, and working hard to achieve financial success. 

My painting is a practice I use to examine my experience growing up as an American and as a Filipino. My inspiration comes from historical photographs, popular posters from Filipino movies, and family photos with my family in the 1980s and 1990s. 


I make drawings to distill these images into their most essential features and I create meaning by forming new relationships using flat, reductive shapes within the picture plane. To translate these drawings into paintings, I use color and texture to create meaning and record my associations with the original image. I know my painting is done when I discover some new insight about myself or when I revise previous assumptions about my experience.

What does it mean to for me to be Filipina? What does it mean to be American? I want to connect with others who are searching and choosing what it means to truly be themselves. We are more than what our parents chose for us and my work is how I share my process of discovering and defining who I am. 

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