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Spring Inspiration and Fresh Starts

Spring is finally here in Colorado and I welcome the warmer, sunnier days. I've been thinking about how much of myself comes out when I paint - my thoughts, my anxieties, my worries. And I'm noticing how much of it feels like a repetitive loop of mostly negative thoughts about myself and my work. I want more out of life than what my inner critic tells me and I want to break the cycle of what makes me afraid when I paint.

So I'm joining the #20for20ArtChallenge Spring Edition today. For the next 20 days, I commit to spending at least 20 minutes experimenting and playing with paint, then posting what I made online. This is my way of injecting new optimism and energy into my painting practice. And I want to be mindful as I paint - when am I trying to paint to impress other and when am I painting for what feels good to me? When am I playing it safe and when am I allowing myself to be vulnerable?

Being a part of this art challenge is also a way for me to connect with other artists. I'm tired of feeling isolated and alone. I can't be the only one who is struggling with their inner critic. I want to be in a community that empathizes with the struggle. Fingers crossed that I can find my peeps during this challenge.

Pomegranate, 8 x 8 in., oil on canvas board

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