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Selfie Progress

I'm a slow painter because I'm learning how to mix the specific colors and values that I need. There has to be an easier way to figure out colors. The first big hurdle is that I'm not exactly sure what colors to mix to make the color I want. It's surprising how complements can work together to make new colors.

Once I get a color, I have trouble figuring out how to adjust the value. Is it more white? Is it darker? Do I need to add a complement to make it less intense? Do I need to add an analogous color to make it more intense?

And then, once I have a color I think that matches what I see in the mirror, I put it on the canvas and it still doesn't look right next to the color I already put down. What I mix on the palette doesn't always work on the painting. It's frustrating to back and forth because you have to switch from palette mode to actual painting mode. And something gets lost or forgotten in translation when I try to go back to adjust.

The good news is that I'm fairly satisfied with my drawing. It's not perfect but I do feel like it's acceptably close to my drawing and to my likeness. I think I need to finish covering up the entire canvas with paint and then I can go back and try to remix my colors again.

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