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Pen Experiments

Day 4 – 5 minute Contour Drawings – Pitt Big Brush

I played around with different kinds of pens so I could see what kind of marks I liked to make. This one with the Pitt Big Brush Marker was quick and fun. I noticed that I could vary the mark by applying more or less pressure.

Day 4 – 5 minute Contour Drawings – Artist’s Loft Pen 05

I’m surprised by how much you can actually cover in a drawing in just five minutes. I love drawing each individual knuckle and joint angle. I also became more aware of the position of each finger to each other.

Day 4 – 5 minute Contour Drawings – Pigma Micron 03 & Pitt Artist Pen M

I experimented with drawing my hand with an overlapping finger. I liked focusing on the space between a nail and the finger sitting underneath it.

Day 4 – 15 minute Contour Drawings – Pitt M Pen

The Pitt Pen Size M was my favorite pen for today. The line is thick enough that I could draw with little pressure, but the point is thin enough that I can still add the fun details.

Day 4 – A tree in my backyard

For my last challenge, I picked out a tree that I can see outside my window as the subject for my negative space drawing. What a challenge! I did see that the space in between the branches looked more like diamonds. Filling in the negative space created a stained glass feeling in my drawing.

Day 4 – Negative Space Tree Drawing Work-in-Progress

It will definitely take me awhile but I think it’s worth it to spend more time on filling out the branches. Besides, I’ve always loved trees.

What I Learned

  1. I like drawing the detailed lines and angles of my hand.

  2. My favorite pens right now are the Pitt Pen Size M and Pigma Micron 04.

  3. The negative shapes in a tree look like elongated or wide diamonds.

What I’ll Try Tomorrow

  1. Make a 7-step value scale.

  2. Make a value drawing from a photograph.

  3. Spend another 15 minutes on the tree drawing.

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