Letting Go To Paint

Notes to self about painting:

  1. Location, location, location - Moving my painting set upstairs to the north-facing living room is much better for my mood and my motivation. The current basement is too dark for painting and I should probably consider installing new ceiling lights in there.

  2. Position - I need to remember to regularly stand up and look at the painting from far away. I get stuck on rendering every single shade of brown on my face. I need to squint and get the general gist of the shapes, then paint from what I experience. I prefer painting with long-handle brushes so I can paint from farther away.

  3. Drawing vs Painting - I prefer to have an underdrawing in my paintings because I want to create better designs and believable likenesses. The drawing doesn't have to be highly rendered but I do want to create and support good relationships within the rectangle.

  4. Color Mixing Process - I experimented with making a base color, a warm shadow color, a cool highlight, and a gray out color before starting to paint. Having sizable piles of pre-mixed paint made it easier to tweak with additional colors and create some color harmony among the different colors.

Current projects -

  • Erin Raedeke Self-Portrait Class

  • Reading Creative Practices for Visual Artists: Time, Space, Process

Possible future projects:

  • Ali Kay Membership, The Fresh Paint Tribe

  • Exploring Color Workshop (for 100dayProject?)