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How I Learned to Draw Hands Using Contour Drawings

Day 3: Contour Drawing – 20 minutes.

This morning, I made my contour hand drawings using a Pigma Micron pen (Size 05). This is the last one I made and it’s my favorite because I like the details in the nails and the joints of the fingers. It’s a wobbly line, but it’s full of of personality.

Day 3: 100 Day Project – Blind Contour Drawing

I started with a few quick blind contour drawings to warm up. This is the first one I did and it took me about 5 minutes. I really noticed the area between the nail bed and the fingers.

Day 3: 100 Day Project. My second blind contour drawing of the day.

This was another fast blind contour drawing where I focused on the lines in the palm and the joints of the fingers. I saw that the angle of the finger in between each joint also helps to create a more accurate representation of the entire finger and hand.

Day 3: Contour Drawing – 20 minutes.

With this last drawing, I gave myself permission to look at my hand while I drew. The quick drawings I did before helped me concentrate on the each joint of the finger and the shapes and angles of the nails. I also found it helpful to look at the space in between my fingers to define the shape.

What I Learned

  1. It’s worth it to move from several quick starts towards a longer drawing.

  2. Using a pen felt good because I couldn’t erase mistakes.

  3. The skin in your hand also has faint directional lines and cross hatches.

What I’ll Try Tomorrow

  1. Quick contour drawings of my hand using different types of pen.

  2. Another 20-min continuous line drawing.

  3. A negative space drawing of a plant.

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