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How Drawing Blind Teaches You How to See

Today I worked on blind contour drawings of my hand. In a blind contour drawing, you make the drawing with one continuous line and don’t look down at the page as you draw.

Detail of Hand Drawing

I didn’t realize that the purpose of a blind contour drawing is to train your eye to really look at your subject and absorb every detail. I enjoyed being able to go slow and focus intently on one thing at a time. You also get a little surprise looking at your drawing when you’re done.

There’s a long tradition of artists that practice blind contour drawing. I just found the work of Allison Kunath – who spent seven years making blind contour portraits. She uses a Micron pen and I love seeing what parts of the face she focused on while she drew. She also mentions how being blind releases you from the pressure of making it look perfect.

What I Learned Today

  1. Hands are made of individual sections – not just fingers.

  2. Drawing joints, knuckles, and palm lines make hands look more real.

  3. Nail shapes change based on your viewing angle.

What I’ll Try Tomorrow

  1. Start with a 3 x 5 minute blind contour drawings to warm up.

  2. Work on another set of 3 x 15 minute contour drawings.

  3. Finish with 1 x 30 minute continuous line drawing.

  4. Use a Micron Pen – don’t worry about mistakes.

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