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Homeless Man Portrait

Updated: Mar 7

Credit: MorgueFile Photo by BBoomerinDenial

The 100 Day Project has begun! For today’s 1-hour drawing, I worked on making a pencil drawing using this photo reference. This photo reminds me of the self-portraits Van Gogh did of himself. It’s somewhat sad and expresses a kind of resigned feeling.

Van Gogh Self-Portrait with a Bandaged Ear Credit: Wikimedia

I picked this drawing because I wanted to draw a face. After the 100 days, I want to be more confident drawing faces. I also like the lines around the subject’s eyes and the hands. The hands gave me so much trouble! I also want to get better at drawing hands.

To help myself, I turned the photo upside-down and then proceeded to draw it. I also learned that it was easier and faster for me to use scribbles and cross-hatching to recreate the range of values. I used my pencil to help me get a sense of proportion.

I feel quite proud of myself. My favorite part of drawing this evening is that my daughter sat and drew her own project next to me. We listened to my classical guitar station on Pandora while we worked. It was a great way to end a long day.

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