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Drawing Fur and Hair

Day 6 Cow Portrait

Today’s challenge is to practice drawing fur and hair. I noticed that the printout I made of the stock photo reproduces the shadows and colors differently than what is on my screen. Here’s the original photo:

Original Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The screen version is much redder than my original printout. The shadows are also significantly lighter and gradual than the printout. One of the things I’m practicing is to focus on drawing the values within the subject. In the photo below, I highlighted in yellow two darker values in the cow.

Shadow Shapes

And here is my current pencil drawing. As you can see, the shadow shapes in my drawing aren’t in the same position and similar in shape to the ones in the original photo or the printout. But as I move forward with using photo references, I’ll need to remember to check my photos on the screen against my printouts and decide what values I really want to use in my drawing.

In this drawing, I used the natural white color of the paper as the highlights in the hair and used darker pencils to emphasize the shadow areas.

Day 6 Hair Braid Portrait

Going forward, it might be interesting to see what is the effect of using a different colored paper. I’ve seen some grey toned paper in the store that could be used as the middle values and I could experiment with a white crayon for the highlights.

Day 6 Hair Braid Closeup

What I Learned

  1. Compare your photo printouts to the photo on your screen and check for differences in color and value.

  2. One way to start a drawing is to start by lightly adding the shapes of the darker values first and gradually building the layers on top of it.

  3. Another way to start a drawing is to do a quick series of thumbnail sketches to experiment with composition, point-of-view, and value structure.

What I’ll Try Tomorrow

  1. Set up a still life with 5 objects and make blind contour drawings.

  2. Experiment with a different toned paper for the drawing background.

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