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Day 9 The New Girl at School

Day 9 – The New Girl at School pencil on paper

I spent today’s drawing focusing on measuring angles and making accurate proportions. A. LOT. OF. TIME. I only worked from the real still life, not a photograph and I feel like I made good progress.

Day 9 – Reference Photo

Looking at the drawing now, I’m happy with the negative spaces, especially the ones between the white jug and white vase, and the brown jug and blue vase. I need to correct the teal vase shape and the opening of the white jug.

Day 9 Studio and Still Life Set Up

I also practiced drawing while I was standing at an easel instead of sitting at a table. Standing was more tiring but I do think that it helped me stay focused on the drawing. My mind tends to wander and get bored when I sit.

What I Learned

  1. Standing at an easel helps me concentrate on my drawing practice.

  2. Compare a photo of your drawing with a photo of your still life to check the drawing’s accuracy.

  3. Coming up with titles for your artwork is fun to think about while you work.

What I’ll Try Tomorrow

  1. Keep the same still life set up but zoom in/out to experiment with composition. Draw several thumbnails of these experiments.

  2. Print out one of the experiments and use it as a reference photo for a value drawing. Continue to look at the real life setup to check angles and values.

  3. Make a painting of the drawing – one in acrylic, one in oil.

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