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Day 7 – Blind Contour Still Life

Day 7 – Blind Contour Drawings in 15 minutes

Today I set up a still life and practiced making as many blind contour drawings as I could in 15 minutes. I enjoyed spending more time on the negative spaces between the objects – the space in the handles, the negative shape between the blue pot and the green glass vase. Being blind, I focused less on the proportions and the relative distance of one object to another.

I purposely kept the still life simple so I could focus more on the shapes. I think I’ll keep this same set up for the whole week so I can get to know these objects well.

I spent the remaining time on drawing smaller groupings of objects within the setup and taking more time to look at each object. I found it helpful to make little jumps as I drew. I looked for little landmarks as I drew each outline.

What I Learned

  1. Set up a still life using a variety of objects with different shapes, textures, and heights. Position objects on angles and off-center to make them less static.

  2. Negative spaces between objects add to the drawing’s accuracy.

  3. Drawing fast makes you decide what is most important to you.

What I’ll Try Tomorrow

  1. Keep the same set up and try cross-section drawing.

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