Day 6/100 Anatomy of the Head

Today I worked on Drawing Anatomy with Tiffany S. DaVanzo class on Sktchy. I know a little about the basic structures in the head, but Tiffany’s expertise as a medical illustrator is at the next level. Knowing how the different bones, ligaments and muscles connect adds a level of realism to drawing a portrait because you know what structures should exist and where.

I noticed today that I’m still impatient to get the drawing details. Pencil makes me feel like I need to be controlled and precise. I also find it hard to work flat on a table; my perspective easily skews. I need to work vertically on an easel, side-by-side with my reference. I had to erase and rework the feature two or three times so I could keep the likeness. Maybe a likeness is not so important. Maybe next time I should not use pencil, but something blunter, like charcoal.

I feel good about what I made Today. It’s not totally realistic or accurate. But there is a looseness and sensitivity that I like about it.

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