Day 4/100 Gouache Swatches

Today I decided to make swatches of all the gouache paint tubes I have lying around and experiment with blending them together using the wet-on-wet technique. I have taken classes about how to paint with gouache from these artists (listed in order of most current to oldest classes):

Sktchy- I'm currently participating this month in Painting Portraits with Karl Staub and I plan to enroll the 30 days/30 faces in Watercolor and Gouache course starting on March 1st, 2021.

Jordan Rhodes -Also known as JMR Art, Jordan demonstrates how to make amazing gouache portraits on his YouTube channel. Great inspiration for mixing realistic skin tones of people from a wide variety of races.

Lena Rivo - Artist and painter Lena Rivo recommended most of these Winsor and Newton gouache tubes for a brilliant and colorful palette. She does a really good job sharing the details for setting up her palette and the supplies for making her gouache paintings. Highly Recommend!

Deanna Maree - Deanna Maree Creative Studio offers several gouache painting courses, including The Aviary, a year-long course with a new bird to paint every month.

Skillshare - Especially Arleesha Yetzer and Cecile Yadro. Both of them have easy-to-follow classes on to basic techniques in gouache.

I'm getting to know how to mix the paint up with water so it's easier to use. I noticed that the value of the color changes based on how much water is in it. More watery paint is a lighter value while more thick paint is a darker value.

I also noticed that gouache works similar to oil paint, the "fat-over-lean" technique. But instead of using oil, you start with thin, transparent, watered-down layers and then gradually build up to thicker, darker, almost straight out of the tube layers on top. It is possible to mix light colors over dark ones, but you need to work quickly and use very little water to avoid activating the darker paint underneath the light paint.

I think the next step is to keep making small thumbnail paintings. I want to experiment with painting light and dark colors over each other without mixing them up. I also want to try painting on top of a toned paper and see how the gouache colors stand out on a colored background.

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