Day 17/100 The Blue Portrait

The Blue Portrait, 9x12 in. Acrylic on Paper, #PortraitswithKarl, Karl Staubon Sktchy App

Day 17 of the #100daysofSketchbookPractice I'm on Lesson 6 of #PortraitswithKarl (Karl Staub) on Sktchy app. I started by painting the paper with a layer of Anthroquinone Blue, then I transferred my drawing of Kennedy on top. I gradually added lighter values of Anthro Blue, Ultra Blue, Cerulean Blue and Titanium White to create the form and define the shadows.

I experimented with holding my brushes in different ways and in a variety of angles, just to see what kinds of brush marks I could make. I like layering tiles of paint on top of each other - it adds a layer of depth. I also like the looser and spontaneous feeling - I mixed as I needed to and I didn't overmix the paint. I used fairly large brushes and I worked quickly. The acrylic paint dries pretty quick so I felt like it was a race to mix a color and add it on before it dried up. I kept myself to 3 strokes or less before I mixed another color.

I lost a little bit of the likeness. But... I could probably do this again and get it closer to the original muse. I am thinking about painting larger - the 9x12 size is good, but I feel like I want to use my whole body when I paint.

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