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Day 13 Negative Space Trees

Today’s exercise is to make a negative space drawing of a landscape. I spent about 30 minutes on this. I realized that the leaves of the yellow trees behind the aspens made this a much more challenging drawing than I originally thought. There are places where the blue mountain peeps through the yellow trees and I tried to include that too.

What I Learned

  1. Tree branches form diamond-shaped negative spaces.

  2. Simplifying a landscape is the artist’s responsibility and privilege.

  3. Negative spaces can really define what’s important.

What I’ll Try Next

  1. This could be an interest painting. Maybe the yellow trees could be some kind of layered pastel drawing and the aspen trees could be a thicker paint on top.

  2. Define the negative space, the values, and color palette in sketches and maybe a series of smaller paintings.

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