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Day 12 Five Minute Drawings

Today I practiced making 5 minute drawings of a landscape photo. I alternated between drawing fast for 5 minutes and drawing slow for 5 minutes. I learned something new with each iteration and applied what I learned to each subsequent drawing.

5 Minute Drawing – Fast 1

In my first drawing, I felt a lot of pressure to get as much of the drawing done as possible. I drew all the shadows as dark shapes and very little detail except for the houses.

5 Minute Drawing – Slow 1

In the slow drawing, I really went after the house shapes and looked at how the light was hitting the grass and trees. I worked on placing the trees in proportion to the house.

5 Minute Drawing – Fast 2

In this fast drawing, I just drew in the contours of the major shapes and then focused on the houses and their shadows. I had more time because I was already familiar with the picture and especially that part of it.

5 Minute Drawing – Slow 2

In this second slow drawing, I again focused on the contours. I really focused on the shapes of the vertical, squiggly trees in contrast to the gentle smooth slopes of the mountain.

5 Minute Drawing – Fast 3

In my final fast drawing, I was able to add a lot more detail to the tree line and the trees next to the houses. I also had enough time to add contours for the dark shadows and how they connected to each other on the slopes.

What I Learned

  1. Make a series of fast-slow-fast 5 minute drawings to force yourself to really see the picture and get the main points across.

  2. Pictures are just a reference – I can put the houses wherever I want.

  3. I love well- lit pictures with interesting shadow shapes. I’m not sure landscapes excite me as much as people or still life drawings.

What I’ll Try Tomorrow

  1. A negative space drawing of a landscape.

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