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Today I practiced painting wet-into-wet - inspired by a class by David Lobenberg. i wet the page evenly with water, randomly added strokes of gouache and then I sprayed it with water so the colors bled. I then added my portrait on top.

I liked this approach better - less right, more fun. More surprising color combos.I want to try a different palette tomorrow

In my early morning session today, I played around with making thumbnail sketches using gouache. Later this afternoon I used the same approach to make the background for my gouache portrait on 9x12 watercolor paper.

I ran into trouble trying to light the dark blue gouache in the nose and eye areas. It was too thick and dark and it was hard to remove. I tried using white gouache to get the lighter value but it just looked gray. I also list the shapes around the nose and lips.

In the end, I get the details back with a charcoal pencil and I lightened the valued with a white oil pastel.

It feels a little overworked but I learned a lot. I’m going to try to do another version .