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Updated: Feb 17

I’m enjoying my Sktchy class with Karl Staub. I’m feeling more confident and more relaxed when I paint. The gouache paint is very forgiving, I can easily thin out a dark stroke or blot it out with a paper towel. I also like how fast it dries so I am constantly moving around the paper and not fixating on one area. it works well with thin washes built over time.

I started playing with gouache a year ago in a workshop with Jenny Doh. We made our initial layer in black gouache as a value sketch and added Jaune Brillant as a flesh tone wash on top.

Gouache Portrait - January 2020

For today’a portrait, I built up layers of increasingly dark washes of black gouache. I used two different brushes, two flat brushes and a round, to make various marks.

Gouache Portrait - February 2021

The other thing I notice when I look at this is that my drawing skill is getting better. It takes a lot of time to look and draw what I actually see but I'm always glad that I put in the work. I think it makes my paintings better.